Limited Warranty

Danner Manufacturing will repair or replace any pump found to be defective within the specified timeframe after purchase, as described below, for such pump, provided that the pump was purchased from Danner Manufacturing or one of its authorized resellers.

Pumps purchased from an unauthorized reseller of Danner Manufacturing’s products are not covered by the Danner Manufacturing warranty. Danner may decide to repair or replace any such pump in its sole and absolute discretion.

Damaging, cutting, or altering power cords or any other aspect of the pump voids ANY warranty consideration.

In order to receive warranty service, the defective item must be returned to us. All warranties require valid proof of purchase from Danner or an authorized reseller of Danner products (e.g., receipt, invoice, credit card statement, or check duplicate.)

With the defective pump, please include a dated proof of purchase from either Danner Manufacturing or an authorized reseller of Danner products and $5.00 for handling.

Damage or injuries resulting from misuse or negligence of the product are not covered by warranty.

Warranties start at date of purchase, not first date of item use.

Warranties do not renew.

Pondmaster (PM) & Mag-Drives
Impeller 1 Year
Pump Cover 5 Years
Entire Pump 5 Years

Pondmaster (PM) & ProLine Hy-Drives
Impeller 1 Year
Entire Pump 3 Years

Statuary, Fountain, & Clam Shell Pumps
Impeller 1 Year
Entire Pump 1 Year

Ultra Violet Clarifiers
Entire Unit 1 Year

Entire Unit 90 Days
Entire Unit 1 Year